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Find Your Ultimate Hum

Who Are We

Finance and Creative are in a constant conversation with one another the moment a business begins.

I have an idea! Creative says. Let's make/do/start __________!

Finance responds, we need to check the numbers. How much will it cost? How much can we charge? Is the idea truly viable?

From inception, these partners begin a dialogue that lasts for the entirety of a business' life. It's a conversation of checks and balances. Creative pushes, Finance tempers...

Once the sales process begins, Finance challenges Creative to reach and convert customers. We need more revenue, Finance insists. Creative goes out and finds the innovative way to make it happen.

This ebb and flow is what builds the ultimate business plan - bringing together the right product, for the right people, at the right price. In partnership, they find the perfect mix of risk and restraint.


When finance and creative work as one, businesses find their ultimate hum, accelerating together in synchronicity towards major milestones.

Magic 8 Business Generation Cycle

Creative Ideas

Stress Testing

Market Research

Business Roadmap

Official Launch

Revenue Generation

Constant Optimization

Raving Customers

Growth & Profitability

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with this magical combination?

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