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Gain Confidence with

Fractional CFO Services

Ready to run your business with ease?

A Fractional CFO helps you understand

your numbers so you can thrive.

It's your job to grow, not to track every dollar.

A CEO has many responsibilities, from fundraising to team management. You need support, but you also need to conserve resources. A fractional financial team does both.


Our Services

Financial Modeling

Scaling Strategy

Operations Oversight

Budgeting & Forecasting

Cash Flow Management

Monthly Reporting

AP and AR Automation

Bookkeeping & Accounting

For making those crucial financial decisions.

Whether it's game-planning runway, deciding how much to pay new employees, or strategizing the yearly budget, get the expert guidance you need to succeed. 

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Scalable Growth

Grow your company for long-term success. Understand your key metrics with ease.

Structuring for
the Future

Data systems, analytics, and accounting management, we'll build you a solid foundation.

Your Vision for Profitability

We specialize in building custom budgets and forecasts that reflect realistic goals.

Nurturing Investor Relationships

Reassure investors and develop financial rapport in order to build confidence and momentum. 

Purpose-driven companies have
a special place in ou
r hearts.
If you are addressing climate change, economic inequality,
or any other big, social problem, we want to meet you.

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